Group Members

Xiaoru (Ruby) Dong

Xiaoru is a PhD student at the University of Florida studying Biostatistics. Her work in the group is at the intersection of single-cell genomics, biostatistics, and Type 1 Diabetes (Collaboration with the Brusko Lab).

John (Jack) Leary

Jack is an incoming PhD student in Biostatistics. He obtained his BS in Statistics at UNC-Chapel Hill and MS in Biostatistics at UF.

Luer Zhong

Luer is a PhD student in Biostatistics. She obtained her MS in Biostatistics at Emory.

Zhaohan Zhu

Zhaohan is an incoming PhD student in Biostatistics. He obtained his MS in Biostatistics at Yale University.


Kevin Kapadia
BS, 2022 | PhD Student, Quantitative Psychology at USC

Hadley Browder
BS, 2022 | MS Student, Data Science and Visual Analytics at Georgia Tech

Parker Knight
BS 2020 | PhD Student, Biostatistics at Harvard University

Dain Chun
MS 2020 | PhD Student, Pharmaceutical Science at UF

Join the Group

If you are a current graduate student at UF interested in working with me on developing methods and software for analyzing genomic data, please feel free to email me ( to discuss.

For prospective graduate students, if you’re interested in working with me specifically then send me an email describing your interests along with your CV. Note you must also meet the qualifications for admittance to the Department of Biostatistics PhD program and be accepted into the program. More information is available here.

Often we have projects that might work well for undergraduate students. If you have coursework in statistics, computer science, or mathematics and some experience programming, send me an email ( to discuss.